About the Book

Amanda Memories

Ambitious but naive, Brian Roberts is set on a career path that will lead to a psychology degree, financial stability, and emotional fulfillment. His marriage to hometown sweetheart Nancy seems to assure a fine future.

But when beautiful green-eyed Amanda Wagner, a deeply troubled young woman, becomes his patient, the future becomes blurry. Her dependency on Brian becomes an aphrodisiac for him. The need and the obsession are mutual.

Brian goes on to become a successful Hollywood TV talk show doc, but he flounders in the pretentious and posh world of Beverly Hills, celebrity, and money. And worst of all, Brian and Nancy are drifting apart.

Then, while making her final descent, Amanda is found dead and Brian emerges as the prime suspect. Nancy sets out to vindicate Brian. Her quest, however, will lead her to the darkest corners of Amanda’s tortured past and will not only determine Brian’s fate, but will ultimately unlock the secrets trapped within Amanda’s family lineage.